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The risks linked of backgrounds and reputations

Currently, few firms use the background reputation matter to inquire on entity customers, also these can well to be of great development opportunities for the company, but can represent especially a very important potential risk concerning its reputation.

The reputation of an entity (company, institution, government or person of interest) is the whole of actions in its life. So this is the reason for which to know the background of this entity in the aim to make business is essential to avoid to be affected by its (future/past) hidden problems.

Deep Due Dilligence


A joint venture with a South Korean company, which happened to be owned by the local mafia. A French SME created a joint venture with its Korean partner. Analysis of the relevance of this joint venture had been conducted and validated. French and Koreans lawyers had jointly developed the partnership contract. After a few months the relationship became strained and complicated with the Koreans. Therefore, an investigation was conducted to better understand these Koreans. It turned out that the Korean partner, with whom the joint venture was created, was controlled by the Mafia. A reputation Due Diligence would have avoided to bind to a Chaebol controlled by the Mafia.

A Chaebol controlled by the Mafia

The shadow which burden on the

leader of the market

A company with a good market position, but the leader in place is suspected to be involved in pedophilia scandals. In the end, a very negative image. 

The future partner, from a Central Europe country, had, at first sight, an excellent profile. All economic analysis criteria were green. The company was growing and one of the top leaders in its sector in its country. However the reputation of the officer was not that gleaming, as he was suspected of involvement in several cases of pedophilia. The on the ground investigation has avoided associating the name of our customer to a company that might be splashed by the scandal.

A boiling scandal

Joint-Venture with technology transfer


Creation of a joint venture with a technology transfer, but behind the scenes, the main competitor pulls the strings. 

Our client was in discussions with a European company in order to create a joint venture in this partner's country. The agreement included a technology transfer in the joint venture. The investigation was conducted before finalizing the agreement and sign contracts. It enabled to highlight that the final beneficiary of the partnerhip was was a competitor. Thus, indirectly, the client was about to shift much of his knowledge to his main competitor.

A transfer of knowledge

Gangrenous company


The company for sale, present good financial results, but at medium or short term, its value will collapse because of a big scandal that will come to light. The client had launched a process of acquisition of a company of the same sector but in another European country. After to Due financial Diligence, an advantageous purchase price had been accepted by the shareholders of the target company. But in the end, the acquisition was not realize and would not have turned out a wise investment because eventually a scandal still at the step of the rumor was going to burst because the main product of the corporation was not in accordance and the value of the company was going to collapse very certainly in the coming months.

A value in perdition

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