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We help and supply dedicated services to the Legal sector :
 Business law firms

Financial sector :

Companies of Capital management
Agencies of advices and audit
Agencies of Management consulting and Financial Investments

Service sector :

Recruitment agencies and Head-hunters

Our Solutions

Background Check

Background and reputation check

Our aim is to reduce your risk and save you from a potential loss of image, of time and of money, by supplying you a check of reputation and a background check to help you to estimate the risks linked with your potential partners and projects.

Identify Redflags

Limit the amount of unknown potentially mines


 P.E.P. : Politically Exposed Persons


Known convictions


A global reach

​Emerging and Advancing markets

Within CYGNUS ATRATUS, we strongly believe that a reputation is essentially offline. This is even truer, in economies with complex social structures and networks, local languages and value systems (beliefs, etc.)

CYGNUS ATRATUS does its intelligence mission with people on the ground, speaking the local language, having access to local power social network.

Our Reports

Reputationnal Due Diligence

  • Reputation Due Diligence : more or less detailed and personnalized.

  • Background check : reduce your risk and save you a potential loss of image, time and money.

  • Compliance investigation : verify and validate a partner/supplier.

  • Other services : we can provide you Bionotes and Powermap.


Cost-effective Faster The essentials

Standardized background check services

Recognizing the market demands for faster and more standardized reputation intelligence results, CYGNUS ATRATUS is offering desk dedication team to our clients. Each desk is built around the internal process of the corresponding client, its approach and results expectation. It brings the necessary essentials and is sometime the first step before to go on a customizable CI actions. It is also a very useful approach to a supply-chain monitoring.

This type of service are less flexible than the customized ones but are usually 30% faster and more cost efficient


Complex CI  Customizable Thorough

Customized dedicated background check services

CYGNUS ATRATUS has a strong experience to prepare and adapt our mission processes, plan, QA and results to the particular demand of our client and of its end beneficiary.

CYGNUS ATRATUS allows its clients to be as versatile as possible to its clients demand. It also brings solutions to complex or multi-faceted CI mission. It is a recommended approach when the target or subject of the CI actions is very difficult to access, secretive or complex as a large conglomerate.

Our Means


  • Over 10 years experience

  • More than 1800 completed missions (may 2016)

  • Our customers are European, American, Australians, Africa & Asia ...

  • International coverage : More than 100 countries covered. Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle-East, South America.

  • CYGNUS ATRATUS is a Spin-off of the firm OBI-Consulting established in France and Eastern Europe (Lithuania).


  • A proven methodology.

  • Human Intelligence & technology Intelligence : 

    CYGNUS ATRATUS collect intelligence through a wide range of tools including commercial available databases, internet databases, search tools, social networks analytical tools, etc.

    Cygnus always bases its works and analysis on intelligence directly gathered on the ground, 

  • Professionals : OBI teams and our partners (Lionel, Mansoor, Laurent, Stephan, Eliza)

  • Our members are highly qualified, with at least a Masters' degree or a PHD and speak at least three languages.

  • We have an operationnal presence on the ground and gather information most of the time by our locally based CI agents and our experts going on the ground.

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