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Who we are ?


Cygnus Atratus is a spin-off of the company OBI-Consulting who established its headquarters at Vilnius in Lithuania (EU). The company is specialized in the background check reputation with major compagnies. Cygnus Atratus proposes its services in the background check of companies, institutions and people of interests.


Since 2006, the company has done over 1900 intelligence missions in more 104 countries worldwide. OBI is led by its two founders Dr. Stéphane Chevalier (CEO) and Laurent Potet (Intelligence R&D). It is a seasoned in-house analyst team enjoys a strong and wide network of over 250 intelligence consultants.


Meet Our Executive Team

Our multinational team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. This one works from our global offices and on the ground. From Eastern Europe to Africa and Middle East, we are committed to supporting our clients. 

Cygnus Atratus is composed of members of different nationalities with higher education (Master’s, MBA, PhD), experts and speaking each at least three languages.

Stephane Chevalier


Lionel Dossou-Yovo


Laurent Potet

Strategic Director

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