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The Ethic


 One of the fundamental pillars of Cygnus Atratus, is the respect for rules of ethics. 

Settle that members of the company follow the entire.

What makes us defender of the Ethics


High ethical standards and a code of conducts


CYGNUS ATRATUS does not do any illegal action to gather information.

CYGNUS ATRATUS also has a very high sense of corruption fight and anti-improper actions based on international standards such as the OECD convention of 2009, US FCPA 1977 and 1998 international anti-bribery act.




Law abiding : CYGNUS ATRATUS always pro-actively stay within the legal framework of where it operates 

Compliance : We strictly follow international standards (OECD, US, SCIP) 

Integrity : CYGNUS ATRATUS people have to pro-actively abide to our ethic rules contractually and also have to follow our internal training regularly 

Confidentiality : All the staff and external consultant have to sign confidentiality agreement for each mission they are involved in. Also they all follow a training 

Free of conflict of interest : In case of conflict of interest from the company or one of our staff or consultant, our client is immediately informed.


Confidentiality and security


On demand, our reports can be made brand neutral to ease their integration into your documents.

We ensure the confidentiality of our customers and end-customers.

Being sensitive of the confidentiality of our activities, we also use TOR and other internet anonymizing traffic tools to protect our client intelligence intends.

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